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Personal debt problems are increasing rapidly in the United Kingdom and there are a plethora of companies making extravagant claims as to how much credit card / loan companies are willing to “write off”. Many of these claims are totally unrealistic and an individual with debt problems can find matters are made worse! When seeking advice, please bear in mind that only licensed insolvency practitioners can supervise formal procedures.

Riley Moss Insolvency will provide FREE advice on solving your personal debt problems.

On commencement, we help you understand your current position by helping you to prepare:-

  1. A list of debts, amounts and to whom
  2. Details of any property, mortgage and further borrowing
  3. Your personal and household income, after tax
  4. Your household expenditure, (your basic living costs)
  5. A list of “priority debts” – council tax, utilities etc.

With this information we'll make a recommendation on what options are available, and either offer to assist or pass you details of other organisations who may be more appropriate to your circumstances.

Our Personal Insolvency pages set out some of the strategies available to individuals with debt problems. Should you wish to talk to us, our staff are trained to be professional but non judgmental so that you receive the advice most appropriate to your circumstances. Our number is 0161 832 1438, or please complete the online enquiry form.


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